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Michelin-Star Rated Cuisine

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver best-in-class experiences for our guests. Sushi Ginza Onodera Los Angeles has been awarded a Michelin Star for four consecutive years and counting ('20 - '23). Makiyaki Ginza Onodera has been awarded a Michelin Star for four consecutive years and counting ('21 - '24). Sushi Ginza Onodera New York was awarded a Michelin Star for five years ('17, '18, '19, '21, '22).

u.s. Sushi offerings

Types of Restaurant

We have several other types of restaurants throughout Japan and China, but our current U.S. locations offer two styles: Kaiten and Edomae.

Edomae Sushi

We practice the traditional style of sushi known as Edomae, which is named after Edo, today known as Tokyo. Sushi dates back to the Edo period before refrigeration was available and Tokyo Bay teemed with a wide variety of fish. Legend has it, Chef Hanaya Yohei opened a kiosk and started making sushi in front of customers, which led to modern day sushi.

The Edomae Sushi style involves using the aging process to preserve the fish, develop umami flavors and create a more tender texture. A variety of methods are employed including marinating in soy sauce, simmering in broth, and curing in salt or kombu sea kelp–from a few hours to several days. Today, when fish arrives from Japan, our chefs examine it and decide the best Edomae techniques to use.

Kaiten Sushi

Also known as a revolving sushi bar, our Kaiten Sushi restaurants house a conveyor belt that winds through the restaurant, passing by counters, tables, and seats,  allowing guests to directly select their plates as they travel past them. This is also not limited to only sushi, as many other vegetables and dishes are available for selection.

While the concept is naturally more casual, we maintain a particular focus on using only the highest quality ingredients in preparing our menus. Our goal is to bring the quality of Edomae sushi to a more relaxed, family-friendly environment in cities across the United States and world. We create elegant dishes to showcase an authentic Japanese cuisine that immerses customer's in a rich, traditional cultural experience.


Our U.S. Restaurants

As our brand continues to grow, we are expanding both Edomae Sushi and Kaiten Sushi locations across the United States.

609 La Cienega Blvd
west hollywood, ca 90069
Photo of LA location
Edomae SUSHI

Los Angeles, CA

Our Los Angeles location serves a chef's selection Omakase menu that leaves the fish selections up to our Executive Chef and Michelin-star recipient Yohei Matsuki.  

Edomae SUSHI

Honolulu, HI

Similar to our Los Angeles restaurant, our flagship location in Honolulu specializes in Edomae sushi with an Omakase approach led by Executive Chef Takeshi Shimbashi.

808 Kapahulu Ave
Honolulu, HI 96816
Photo of Hawaii location
2700 S King St
Honolulu, HI 96826
Photo of Hawaii Kaiten location
Kaiten SUSHI

Honolulu, HI

Sushi Ginza Onodera has opened its first Kaiten Sushi (revolving sushi bar) location in the United States.  


Fine Dining Across the World

In addition to our growing U.S. presence, we have world-renowned locations throughout Japan and China.

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